Oman and UAE in the fight to occupy top spots in ICC

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The elections for the associate nations are just around the corner and two candidates are jostling for a spot in the ICC.

The first of these is the UAE with its representative in Mubashir Usmani while the second one is Oman with Pankaj Khimji as its representative.

The contest will surely be a hot one as there are about a dozen other representatives vying for a spot in the international body.

The associate nations elections are scheduled to be held in the last week of July.

So, far Usmani has become a favourite at ICC but Khimji also has good relations with India and especially Mumbai.

Both these nations hosted last year’s ICC T20 World Cup.

Oman is even showing interest in hosting the upcoming Asia Cup 2022.

The three incumbents of ICC, Imran Khwaja, Neil Spright and Mahinda Vallipuram have also filed their nominations to reclaim their spots.

The last date for the filing of the nominations was the 23rd of June.

Once elected, each associate member will serve a period of two years at the ICC.

But, right now, BCCI has been grabbing all the eyeballs, especially its secretary Jay Shah.

With the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 in India, BCCI wants its candidate for the chairman position.

The elections for the ICC chairman will be held either in November or December this year.

So far, Jay Shah has not spoken about the ICC chairman elections.

The three associate nations will play a huge part in the chairman elections if there happens a tight contest.

If the BCCI candidate comes directly into the elections, then all the elections will be scrapped straightaway.

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