Only seven first-team players were available for Manchester United against Brighton

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Manchester United reportedly had only 7 first-team players available for selection against Brighton. However, the game was postponed luckily enough for Manchester United. The Red Devil’s game against Brentford was also postponed on Monday. United are currently facing a severe problem of coronavirus outbreak in their camp.

Manchester United traveled to Norwich City to play a covid struck Norwich side. However, their positively tested players were not allowed to participate in the match. Nevertheless, Manchester United also got positive tests later on Sunday. As a result, they requested the league to postpone their last two matches. While some managers are not happy with the league’s handling of the problem.

According to Manchester Evening News, Ralf Rangnick had 7 available options for their clash against Brighton. Moreover, it is said that United have at least 19 players and staff members who are tested positive for covid. United have closed down their training center in order to contain the virus. In addition, United are running behind schedule as compared to some other clubs.

However, the club is hoping to get back in action on 27th December against Newcastle United. Nevertheless, it is a pretty bad situation for the club and its members,as more and more matches in the Premier League are postponed. Both Manchester United and Brighton have at least one match postponed in their last week.

What can we learn from Manchester United vs Brighton postponement?

The Premier League is postponing more and more matches. This is not a good sign neither for the league nor for the clubs. Moreover, the clubs do not have sufficient players available for the matches. For instance, United had only 7 first-team players available if the match had to take place. The postponing of matches may be a sign that the whole league may get postponed sooner or later. It is a measure for the maximum safety of the players and the staff members.

Even though it is bad news, it has to be done if required. Coronavirus has been a constant headache for everyone over the past year. The Premier League may have to take stricter actions to avoid further postponements in the league. The situation at other clubs may also be worse than we think it is. This can lead to a stop in the league and postponement of the matches. However, if the Premier League does not postpone now then it will take a longer time for the league to return.

Manchester United vs Brighton is just one of many games that are postponed by the league. Such postponement of matches also affects fans that travel to stadiums to support their club. As a result, the clubs also suffer financially since they are not able to gain ticket revenue. Therefore, the Premier League should take immediate action to somehow control the spread. The clubs should also play their part in helping the Premier League and making it an easier job. Match postponements are now inevitable for at least some weeks. Moreover, some clubs are also in favor of stopping the league for the time being till Christmas.

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