Ornstein gives update on Manchester City FFP regulations

Manchester City

Journalist David Ornstein gives update on Manchester City FFP regulations after Everton recieved a 10-point deduction for financial breaches.

The Toffees were found guilty of financial regulations. The Independent committee found them guilty of Premier League’s Profitability and sustainability rules(PSR’s).

Meanwhile, back in February this year, Manchester City were hit with 115 breaches following on a from a five-year investigation spanning between 2009 and 2018. Chelsea also were can also charged as former owner Roman Abramovich have been for services at the club through offshores account.

However, Blues still haven’t been charged at this moment, but it will be interesting to see if an investigation takes place. If City and Chelsea are found guilty, both the clubs might get relegated from English top-division.

Ornstein states City’s charges are not the same as Everton

Speaking on the Stick to Football Podcast, David Ornstein states Manchester City’s charges are not the same as Everton. He further stated :-

“Everyone is saying that Manchester City must be relegated if found guilty, but we don’t know because they are not charged with the same things.

“Playing devil’s advocate, Everton admitted their wrongdoing. It’s there in the report and so they complied to say let’s get this over and done with.

“Manchester City deny any wrongdoing, strenuously and they claim to have irrefutable evidence. (Where?) Well, they are waiting for the Premier League to bring the case, we don’t know where is the independent panel.

“It will be a fierce legal battle and there are suggestions that maybe it was easier to take on Everton and their lawyers than it will be with Manchester City. They already came through the UEFA process over Financial Fair Play. It was time-barred but the Premier League don’t have a time bar.

“However, you don’t know that the things that were time-barred, Manchester City would have been found guilty of. Everton’s case of one charge ran into tens of thousands of pages of documentation. What do you think about Manchester City’s with 115 charges?

“We should point out that many of them were for alleged non-cooperation but Manchester City. We don’t believe in the process and the people running it. But We don’t believe we have been given a fair hearing. Many of those 115 are repeated of the same charges each season which you could say that’s even worse but it shows the complexity of the situation.”

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