Ornstein reveals City and Chelsea’s condition after Everton’s punishment

Journalist David Ornstein reveals Manchester City and Chelsea’s condition after Everton’s 10-point deduction from the Premier League.

The Mersyside club was found guilty of League’s Profit and Sustainability rule in this current campaign. As a result, Everton currently sits in 19th position with just four points.

Everton could move out of the relegation zone if they beat Manchester United at Goodison park next weekend. Manager Sean Dyce currently find himself in a tough situation.

Meanwhile, Everton have criticised this verdict and termed the punishment as “a wholly disproportionate and unjust sporting sanctions”. The club also stated that they’ll appeal against the verdict very soon.

The Toffees also stated that ‘they’ll also keep a close eye on the decisions made in any other cases concerning Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules’. This statement clearly point towards Chelsea and Manchester City, who are both currently under investigation by the Premier League.

Earlier this year, City have been charged under 115 alleged breaches of Premier League rules. Meanwhile, Chelsea are currently being investigated for unofficial transfer-related payments under Roman Abramovich’s ownership.

Both the clubs could get relegated out of the Premier League of any of their respective offences.

Ornstein claims City and Chelsea’s allegations are quite different from Everton

Speaking on the Five Podcast, Journalist David Ornstein claims Manchester City and Chelsea’s allegations are quite different from Everton’s breaches. He said :-

“The first thing to point out is that these cases are not the same. Manchester City’s charges and Chelsea’s allegations are both different from Everton’s one charge.

“You could say that Everton’s was quite straightforward, in the sense that they are deemed to have breached the allowed limits for financial losses.

“They also were working with the Premier League, and almost held their hands up and admitted there was a breach, although there’s a discrepancy over how much that breach was.

“We don’t have it explained to us what’s happening [in the City case]. Many of those charges are repeats, season after season, so they’re not necessarily 115 charges. There’s a smaller number.

“City contest and vigorously deny those charges themselves, so there is no guarantee that the two cases will be treated in the same way.

“It was interesting in Everton’s statement that they are going to be watching cases against other clubs, and I think that’s going to be a huge narrative.

“There’s going to be growing pressure on the Premier League and the authorities to deal with these cases for the integrity of the competition for the future, for fairness, and treating everybody on a level playing field.”

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