Out or Not Out? Mark Waugh, Ravi Shastri’s words on Usman

Ravi Shastri

BGT 23: Former batsman Mark Waugh was not fully convinced about Usman Khawaja’s LBW review. He showed his disappointment in the commentary. Khawaja was given out after the DRS was taken by Rohit and co.

Mohammed Siraj strikes on his first over of the match, the victim was Usman Khawaja. The on-field umpire gave no out to the alley made by Team India. Later the skipper went to the keeper and took the DRS at the last possible second which resulted in their favor of them. Many fans commented too differently on this wicket.

Mark Waugh’s words on Usman dismissal

“I thought it was maybe sliding down leg-stump or, at best, clipping leg-stump. But I think, the Indians thought the same. they took until the last second to take the review. I thought it might have clipping, but the Hawkeye said it was hitting the middle of the leg-stump. I am not sure it was. Anyway, that was the first one down, a bit unlucky for Khawaja,”

Speaking about the Usman Khawaja LBW dismissal, former India head coach Ravi Shastri said:

“Yes, it looked as if it would have clipped leg-stump. When you saw it from upstairs, anyone would have said it was clipping leg-stump. But the ball-tracking said it hit the leg-stump. India will be very happy with that review. Sometimes, as a batter, you get the rough end of the stick, I think Khawaja got one there,”

Shastri said.

At the end of Day 1, Team India is trailing by 100 runs with 9 wickets left. Rohit Sharma has been so positive throughout the innings and made no mistakes till now. We might expect a big score from the skipper. However, the match may turn in any direction due to the pitch given.

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