Owen Hargreaves praises Arsenal FC’s wingers after Man United victory

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Arsenal preformed exceptionally against Manchester United last week, securing a 3-1 victory and rising to the 5th spot in the Premier League table. One of the most notable aspects of the win were Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka, according to veteran Owen Hargreaves.

Man United started the match quite well, scoring a goal in the 27th minute, which the Gunners luckily cancelled out just a minute later. The two teams went on a tedious stalemate until Arsenal scored two consecutive goals in the extra time, guaranteeing them a brilliant victory.

The club gained three points, granting them a total of ten with the only club surpassing them on points being Manchester City. The team’s overall performance was more than adequate. However, two players in particular were able to shine more than the rest. These player are none other than Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka, the club’s fantastic wingers. Said two made quite stunning display.

Owen Hargreaves’ opinion on the two Arsenal players after the victory

Hargreaves, the former Man United player, enjoyed the latest match, claiming the two players are ‘diamonds‘.

“Both players, they go one v one, they can beat anyone in the world. United have wingers, who one v one, they aren’t at their best. They have to come inside. I do think that has an impact on how the team plays. I watch Martinelli and Saka. I think ‘wow, those guys are just absolute diamonds’.”, claimed Owen during an interview on September 4.

Indeed, the two players have made great strides in their career in the last two seasons, with a remarkable record of both goals and assists.

The duo also play in this season’s Champions League, allowing them to further boost their reputation and value.

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