PBKS: KL Rahul Might Be Playing In A New Jersy Next Year

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IPL 2021: This season have been tough for Punjab Kings(PBKS) yet again. In the latest news, KL Rahul has announced that he wants to leave Punjab Kings(PBKS). Though, skipper Rahul had an another amazing year in terms of his batting performance. PBKS didn’t get into Playoffs this year as they couldn’t win enough matches to qualify. Thus Punjab Kings failed to get their feet in Playoffs.

In the second wave of Covid-19, IPL had to be called off in the middle for a while. But BCCI wanted to complete the season. So, they decided to finish the season in Dubai as it’s still not completely safe in India.

The current season of IPL has almost came to the end where Playoffs have been started. And Chennai Super Kings have made it to FINALS!

KL Rahul Is Looking To Play For A New Franchise.

Out of blue some reports came and news got hot with the latest update about the Punjab Kings. According to the sources, Kl Rahul will not be playing for PBKS. He has requested the team to release him for the Auction next year. There are some stories that Kl Rahul wants to join Royal challengers Bangalore. But this might be just a story as nothing is confirmed yet. Though, we all know that Bangalore is Rahul’s hometown and he even started his IPL career. Therefore, it might be possible that he would still want to play for RCB if he’s really looking to join an another franchise.

It’s confirmed that two new teams will be introduced in IPL next year. Thus competition will tend to increase. Kl Rahul might be looking to play in either new team or he might still want to play for RCB. As per some genuine reports, Rahul has secretly requested to release him before the mega action in 2022.

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