Peter Crouch has made a prediction about the outcome between Tottenham and Arsenal

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Prior to the North London Derby at the Emirates, former Tottenham striker Peter Crouch has swayed his predictions in Spurs’ favour.

On Sunday, Arsenal will play Tottenham at the Emirates, and predictions for this match have already poured in. Peter Crouch just shared his prediction for the outcome of this game on his podcast. Every fan, pundit, and expert have already spoken their opinion on how the match will pan out. Of course, Peter Crouch will understand the challenges and expectations of playing in a North London derby better than others because he was a former Tottenham player.

The analyst may have a slight bias in favour of Tottenham. Therefore, it may come as no surprise that he has predicted a close outcome with Spurs winning 2-1 away from home against their fierce rivals.

Peter Crouch predicts a victory for Tottenham against Arsenal

Peter Crouch made a prediction about the outcome of this game. He stated saying

“I like a lot about Arsenal, and that pains me to say. But I think this is an opportunity for Spurs to go and get a result there. I’ve gone for 2-1. I think there’s a feel-good factor around Spurs at the moment. I’m probably getting carried away, but I genuinely think they could get a result there.”

Peter Crouch predicted a close victory for Tottenham, and that’s precisely how this game might go.

It is very difficult to choose between Spurs and Arsenal. It will not surprise anyone if either club prevailed by just one goal. This match is not anticipated to be a blowout in any direction because these two teams currently seem to be extremely evenly matched. This matchup between two teams who have been playing outstanding football recently should be very close.

In terms of predictions, Tottenham will have to work exceptionally hard to secure a win at the Emirates. But whether what Peter Crouch wishes comes true will have to be discovered on Sunday.

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