Phil Foden raves praises about Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta

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Manchester City player Phil Foden praised his former assistant manager Mikel Arteta after seeing his success at Arsenal. The player had seen Arteta’s quality during their time at Manchester City. However they were probably not banking on Arteta turning Arsenal into title contenders after leaving City. And it had taken some time for the Gunners manager to bring the team this immense success. It took Mikel Arteta about three years to bring the Gunners where they are today. And now Arsenal are challenging the Premier League title. Furthermore they are currently sitting at top of the League with Manchester City being 5 points below them. If the Gunners manage to win Premier League title this season, Arteta would be able to pinch the title from his former mentor. Arteta even managed to sign two Manchester City players to Arsenal this summer.

Phil Foden praised his former manager Mikel Arteta

Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko have been important players for Arsenal since joining them. They have played a vital role in Arsenal’s title push this season so far. Mikel Arteta have proved to be a good manager for the Gunners. City players knew about Arteta’s talents since when he was an assistant coach for them. Phil Foden was one of the players who raved praises for Mikel Arteta. He said, “They have a great manager in Mikel. We all knew how he was. Mikel has great ideas and understands how we play as well. He has taken that to Arsenal and they look similar to us and look very strong.” City players were already aware of what they were dealing with they clashed against the Gunners last month.

Arteta’s plans usually show the shades of Guardiola’s approach to a match. Furthermore those are mixed with Arteta’s own approach is taking Arsenal to a new level. Whatever it is Mikel Arteta is one of the main reason for Arsenal’s success this season.

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