Phil Foden’s recent performance might change Gareth Southgate’s mind

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Gareth Southgate does not believe Phil Foden to be a good addition as he questions his capabilities on the midfield. However, Manchester City‘s latest match might be enough to convince the English manager of Foden’s ability to take the role.

The player made an appearance during Man City’s latest game in the Champions League, where they beat RB Leipzig 3-1. As a midfielder, Foden scored the first goal for his team, as well as facilitating one of the other two.

This match proved to be a great chance for the player to shine as Julian Alvarez was set to the bench. A chance which he used demonstrating both his speed, control, and technical prowess, reassuring fans of his worth to the team.

However, it is still unknown weather Gareth Southgate’s opinion on the 23 year old changed after his latest performance.

Gareth Southgate’s opinion om Phil Foden

The English national team’s manager’s prior views on the player were fairly simple. The professional claimed that, considering the player’s youth and past experience, his chances as a midfielder are fairly low. Southgate proclaimed the player will likely have a better luck playing in a more wide position.

However, as the recent match proves, Phil is fairly capable in that position and he will only improve with time. Still, singular performances are not sufficient enough proof and Leipzig’s defeat will likely not change the manager’s mind on its own.

On a more positive note, City fans are very happy of the latest performance. Starting Phil Foden was an unexpected but worthwhile choice by Pep Guardiola. A choice which not only re-established the 23 year old in the eyes of the fans, but might be the push Southgate needs to change his perspective.

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