Piers Morgan has weighed in on his astonishment of Tottenham fans’ lack of support for their team!

Tottenham Hotspur

Piers Morgan has expressed his embarrassment of Tottenham as some of the fans were pleading their team to throw the game away against Manchester City.

Tottenham’s London rivals Arsenal would have been in pole position for winning the Premier League title had Spurs managed to get a result against Manchester City. A fixture that should have seen Arsenal and Tottenham fans uniting has ended up dividing them even more!

The intensity of rivalry between the London based clubs has heated up to extreme levels. Henceforth, Tottenham fans were not just okay losing, but actually pleading their team to throw away the game. All this just so Spurs wouldn’t have to see their arch rivals lifting the coveted league trophy.

A win would have not just benefitted The Gunners but also Spurs! An additional three points on board would have kept Tottenham in Champions League contention for the next season.

Tottenham fan supporting or betraying? Ange Postecoglou Confronts!

Tottenham were unbeaten against City at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. With that in mind, Spurs were considered favorites heading into the fixture. Even if not a win, scraping a point for Tottenham seemed doable. However, Manchester City’s determination and consistency just wouldn’t let them falter.

After a good performance from Spurs in the first half, they could’ve beaten City by capitalizing on their performance from the first 45. However, it took Manchester City six minutes in the second half to break the deadlock. Whilst Spurs had a chance to equalize when Son Heung-Min was clean through on goal, Scott Carson denied the Korean.

Jeremy Doku won a penalty for The Citizens in the latter stage of the game. Erling Haaland scored a brace after converting from the spot, giving City a 2-0 lead. While one expects Spurs’ fans to be heartbroken, some of them were quite jubilant and found celebrating. Since, Arsenal’s title hopes were derailed.

Ange Postecoglou confronted a Tottenham fan behind the dugout between the game. The Tottenham boss was furious with the fans’ behavior. The strange support did not provide a positive atmosphere for the team. No doubt, City were the better team on the field. However, off-the-field factors played their part in Tottenham’s defeat.

Piers Morgan says “I’m annoyed but also ashamed more than usual of Tottenham fans”!

Piers Morgan is a massive Arsenal fan. Morgan expressed his frustration with Tottenham supporters and he sympathizes with Postecoglou.

Piers Morgan made the following comments:

“I feel sorry for Ange Postecoglou.

This guy is Australian. They don’t understand what it’s like to want to lose something. They’re in the middle of a massive game, where Tottenham could qualify for the Champions League, which could lead to them getting better players. But no, there was a guy behind him chanting at him to throw the match.

Eventually, he turned round and had a go at him. How can any Tottenham fan live with themselves seeing that scene go down last night? I’m annoyed but also ashamed more than usual of Tottenham fans.”

Piers Morgan was in despair after City’s victory over Spurs. Morgan added:

“It’s a tiny club mentality.

They were actually dancing in celebration as City scored against them. Wearing City shirts and jumping around because that’s the nearest they’ll ever going to get to winning anything.

It was the most humiliating, self-harming act of treachery I’ve ever watched. I’ve woken up this morning knowing what it feels like to be a Spurs fan for a day – it is horrible.”

What’s next for Tottenham?

Tottenham’s run of games at home has ended. Spurs have two away fixture remaining. Spurs will be lining up against Sheffield United in the ultimate game of the season. Avoiding defeat will guarantee Tottenham a spot in next season’s Europa League.

In worst case scenario, Spurs could finish as low as 7th, out of contention for Europe in next season. Controversial support of some Tottenham fans aside, real Spurs supporters will be hoping their team gets back to winning ways at Bramall Lane.

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