Piers Morgan Urges Arsenal to Re-Sign Midfielder as Transfer Window Opens

Piers Morgan, a prominent Arsenal fan, has voiced his support for re-signing former Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka. Xhaka left Arsenal last summer to join Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga. However, Morgan sees him as a missing piece in Arsenal’s midfield, highlighting his qualities as a player and a leader.

Arsenal fans eagerly anticipate reinforcements, especially in midfield. Morgan’s call to re-sign Xhaka stresses the need for a commanding midfield presence. It is akin to legends like Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane, which Arsenal currently lacks

Xhaka’s Departure and Arsenal’s Midfield Woes

Granit Xhaka’s exit from Arsenal ended his seven-year tenure at the club. He experienced both highs and lows at the Emirates Stadium, becoming a divisive figure among fans. Despite facing criticism, Xhaka managed to win supporters’ admiration for his dedication and resilience. When Xhaka moved to Bayer Leverkusen for £21.4 million last year, Arsenal fans expressed mixed emotions.

Many acknowledged his impact in midfield and his team spirit. His departure has left a gap in Arsenal’s midfield, which the club has struggled to fill effectively. Arsenal’s performances have suffered without a strong midfield leader. The team has struggled with midfield control and defense protection, leading to inconsistent results. Players like Kai Havertz have tried to fill Xhaka’s role. However, they haven’t matched his unique impact, affecting the team’s attack

Piers Morgan’s desire for a dominant midfielder like Vieira or Keane resonates with many Arsenal fans. Xhaka’s fighting spirit and effective ball distribution are qualities Arsenal now misses. Morgan’s tweet underscores the need for Arsenal to solve their midfield issues.

The Impact on Arsenal’s Attack and the Way Forward

Granit Xhaka significantly influenced Arsenal’s attacking play last season. He orchestrated play from deep, enabling players like Gabriel Martinelli and Oleksandr Zinchenko to excel. His absence has disrupted Arsenal’s attacking rhythm, resulting in a decline in offensive output. Kai Havertz, tasked with a Xhaka-like role, has shown potential but hasn’t fully replicated Xhaka’s influence.

Arsenal’s attacking struggles this season partly stem from the gap Xhaka left. Addressing the midfield is key to reviving their attacking power and achieving better results. Arsenal must find a midfielder who can effectively fill Xhaka’s shoes. Whether they choose to bring Xhaka back or sign someone new, the decision will be crucial for their season’s goals. Morgan’s appeal highlights the urgency to address the midfield issue and boost Arsenal’s competitiveness.

The upcoming weeks are critical for Arsenal as they navigate the January transfer market. Fans, including Piers Morgan, eagerly await the club’s moves to secure a midfielder who can make an impact. Whether through Xhaka’s return or a new acquisition, strengthening the midfield will be a key focus during this transfer window.

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