Playing Pakistan multiple times before World Cup will help India

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Former cricketers RP Singh, Robin Uthappa and Abhishek Nayar talked about India vs Pakistan game. The marquee clash is to be take place on 2nd September in Kandy.

Former Indian cricketers highlighted how these encounters potentially 3 times. (if both team makes to final) will help team India in the World Cup. Abhishek Nayar vouch for the fact that playing Pakistan will help team India refine their strategy for the World Cup clash. Whereas Uthappa feels that it won’t be easy for both the teams to succeed against each other.

RP Singh feels that Pakistan is one of the most-settled side. With all there bases cover. In a conversation on ‘#AAKASHVANI,’ hosted by Aakash Chopra. Former India cricketer RP Singh shared his thoughts on the India-Pakistan matchups in the Asia Cup.

Experts had their say on India vs Pakistan

Before the World Cup if India gets the opportunity to play three matches against Pakistan. It would be beneficial for the Indian side to have a more refined preparation strategy. Pakistan has a very balanced team. They have a left-arm spinner, a leg-break bowler who can bat, a left-arm fast bowler, and a right-arm fast bowler with a pace close to 150. It would be in India’s best interest to capitalise on such an opportunity. As it would allow them to assess and make necessary adjustments. But it will also be advantageous to Pakistan as well as they get to play India before the World Cup.”

Both teams possess exceptional skills and talent, setting the stage for three intense matches. While I consistently predict 3-0 in favour of India. It’s important to acknowledge that these won’t be straightforward matches for the Indian side.” Uthappa said.

Nayar said: “Frequent matches against a team create familiarity and reduce pressure, working both ways. When India plays Pakistan, it’s a reciprocal process where each side learns from the other. Facing Pakistan’s unique and diverse fast bowlers will help our batsmen prepare better against them and it will also help our bowlers strategize against their batsmen. Playing a team multiple times before an important match like the World Cup in Ahmedabad is valuable. These three games will offer insights as to what to expect in the World Cup. My prediction remains 3-0 in India’s favour.”

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