Pochettino criticised Chelsea player’s mentality against Newcastle United


Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino harshly criticised his player’s mentality after 4:1 defeat against Newcastle United this weekend.

The Argentine accused his players for making life “easy” for Newcastle as Chelsea slumped a heavy defeat at St. James Park. However, the Magpies had a injury crises in GK position, but they brushed the Blues aside.

Chelsea were coming back from two fantastic victories against Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City, but Newcastle made a mess of them. Meanwhile, Reece James was shown a red card in the second-half and Thiago Silva made a costly error which led to goal.

Speaking in his post-match press-conference, Pochettino blamed his team and said :-

“It’s a bad mistake but I am talking more about energy.

“We did not prepare ourselves to compete in the best way. This is my concern. We thought we were ready to compete but we didn’t compete in the way the competition demanded.

“Even if Newcastle weren’t great, it was an easy win. It was so easy with the way we conceded, and we were so soft in every challenge.

“We didn’t show that we were playing for something important. That’s what makes me angry and disappointed. Even if we are a young team and need to learn, these types of games make me very angry.”

Pochettino wants his players to show “more character” in the pitch

Mauricio Pochettino wants his players to show “more character and personality” on the pitch after defeat against Newcastle United this weekend. He said :-

“It’s about showing more personality and character. We are young but cannot miss this type of opportunity.

“After Tottenham and Manchester City, people praise Chelsea, but then, ‘OK, I stop one step before. I didn’t do the effort in the right moment – it’s OK, my team-mate is going to fix it’. That is the problem.

“We need to show more strength in our mental game. We need to blame ourselves as we need to be more focused.

“It was our worst game of the season.”

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