Pochettino thinks 21-year-old Chelsea player is important for him


According to The Evening Standard, Mauricio Pochettino is reportedly in interest in developing a strong homegrown core within his Chelsea side. The report suggests that Pochettino’s plan at Stamford Bridge. Involves building a lineup that includes a significant number of talented players who have emerged from the Chelsea academy at Cobham in recent years.

One player who is in belief to be highly in value by the new head coach is 21-year-old Armando Broja. Additionally, the report mentions that Reece James, Levi Colwill. And Conor Gallagher are also in consideration to be important young talents in this category.

Fans will likely to hear about Pochettino’s intentions to actively promote academy graduates into the Chelsea first team. After recovering from a long-term injury. 21-year-old Armando Broja has rejoined the senior group during pre-season training.

Given his potential, Broja could be an exciting revelation for the upcoming season. Despite being somewhat overlook. It’s important to remember that Chelsea possesses a young and determined center-forward who has already demonstrated his ability to trouble Premier League defenses on occasion.

Pochettino and his plans

It is in hope that Pochettino will place his trust in Broja and help him unleash his full potential.

Armando Broja’s talents have been highly in regard. With Jason Cundy of talkSPORT describing him as “brilliant” (10:33, 30 August). The Athletic, in an article last October, reported that many individuals within Chelsea have expressed the belief that Broja possesses the potential to develop into one of the world’s premier attackers.

While Broja faces the challenge of bouncing back from his injury issue. He can draw great encouragement from the fact that Mauricio Pochettino is keen to utilize players like him. This signifies that Pochettino recognizes the young striker’s abilities and is willing to provide the necessary support and opportunities for his growth.

With the right nurturing and guidance, Broja has the opportunity to evolve into a top-quality frontman. It will undoubtedly require resilience and dedication on his part. But the backing of a manager like Pochettino can serve as a tremendous source of motivation. And inspiration as he strives to reach his full potential.

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