Porsche plans to buy a 50% stake in Red Bull racing

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Porsche’s plans to buy 50% of Red Bull Racing were made public by Morocco’s Conseil de la Concurrence.

There were mounting speculations about the future of Porsche since the Company announced its comeback in F1 in the 2026 season. The announcement was due at the Austrian Grand Prix.

The German manufacturer will buy 50% holdings in Red Bull Racing for ten years following the 2026 season jointly monitoring the racing operations.

An official statement is expected on August 4.

Now, it is revealed that Porsche has already filed documents defining its plans with anti-trust bureaus of the European Union and a few other countries across the world, including Morocco.

The document is dated 8th July which was the Friday of the Austrian GP weekend. It states that a joint venture will be set up with an aim to develop Power Units for Red Bull Racing.

Red Bull’s sister team Alpha Tauri might also use the powertrains. However, the team will remain in complete control of Red Bull.

Porsche Red Bull deal: Why it’s taking so long?

The Porsche Red Bull partnership is yet to be announced officially. The biggest reason for the delay is FIA not able to give proper Engine regulations for the 2026 season.

It is suspected the current engine manufacturers are delaying the final decision on the engine regulation for the 2026 season. You can read about that in detail here.

Back in 2018, Volkswagen Group had tried to join the pinnacle of Motorsport. However, due to failure of the FIA to reach a proper engine regulation for the 2021 season hindered their entry into the sport.

The firm now looks on to try its luck for 2026.

Audi also aiming for its entry?

Porsche’s sister company Audi has also been eyeing entering the F1 business for quite a while now.

The Volkswagen group company had tried to get a deal with McLaren. However, the deal was never executed.

Now, the automobile manufacturer aims at buying a 75% operational stake in the Switzerland-based Sauber team, famously known as the Alfa Romeo F1 team.

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