Probable red flags for Kotli Lions on the eve of KPL


Controversies have already surrounded The season II of Kashmir Premier League (KPL) Season-II has already been encircled by controversies. Funny fact is, the league hasn’t started yet. Kotli Lions has been a major team in the League. However, its participation is uncertain this season.

KPL high ups has received notices from the Sindh High Court. It includes president Muhammad Arif Malik, CEO Chaudhry Shahzad Akhtar, Vice President and well-known former cricketer Wasim Akram. Moreover, Faisal Nadeem and Khalid Zia who eventually are co-owners also recieved such notice based on a plea filed by co-owners Nasir Yusuf for August 15.

A single bench consisting Justice Faisal Kamal Alam listened the plea.

No response from Co-owners of Kotli Lions. Notice issued from court to smoothen its participation in KPL

As far the claims of counsel for the petitioner, Barrister Fayyaz Somur, client Nasir Yusuf is one of the founder of Kotli Lions. However, August 2021 witnessed the first session of KPL in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. The team’s contract signing ceremony was held at Pakistan’s ex cricketer Wasim Akram’s residence in Defence. At the press conference at Karachi Press Club, it was announced formally. There, Shehryar Afridi every three owners of Kotli Lions, and the leading cricketers as well as KPL officials were present.

He stated, that his client’s partners cheated him in the second season. None of partners contacted Nasir Yousuf, but ovetook the team.

As far the petitioner’s counsel say, KPL management as well as the partners side-lined Nasir. It happened in this year’s March.

Fayyaz Somur also claimed that his client attempted to connect the KPL management as well as the partners. But none of them responded.

The Barrister even send legal notices to them. But they refused to answer those too.

Somur therefore, appealed to the court for the parties to reply. Otherwise, Kotli Lions shouldn’t play the in the KPL’s season II without Yousuf’s permission.

Henceforth, the court issued notices for the co-owners of Kotli Lions for 15th August. It has also imcluded President Muhammad Arif Malik, CEO Chaudhry Shahzad Akhtar and Vice President Wasim Akram.

Kotli Lions’ participation in Kashmir Premier League (KPL) has been in confusion. Co-owners allegedly overtook the team without informing Nasir Yousuf. Court issued notice for immediate response.

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