Protest breakouts outside Sachin Tendulkar’s house: gaming Ad upset

Sachin Tendulkar

Protest breakouts outside Sachin Tendulkar’s house in response to his association with a gaming Ad. A political group had arranged the protest outside the cricketer’s house in Bandra, Mumbai.y

Bachu Kadu, an Independent MLA, held the protest along with his group members. They held posters illustrating “batting to betting” with Sachin Tendulkar’s Photo. Moreover, the political group’s leader, Bachu Kadu, shared pictures on social media platforms like X(formerly Twitter).


Sachin Tendulkar is associated with Paytm First Games, an online gaming programme that permits fans to win real cash payments by playing online games. According to MLA Bachu Kadu, Sachin Tendulkar’s involvement in endorsing such online games negatively impacts the youth. He also added that Sachin Tendulkar should return his Bharat Ratna. However, Bachu Kadu’s political group were taken to Bandar police station.

Bachu Kadu also mentioned that the political group members will head court over Sachin Tendulkar’s involvement in endorsing online games. However, the cricketer has yet to release any official statement regarding the same.

Bachu Kadu stated(as per Times Now)

“Those who have been awarded Bharat Ratna have to follow a code of conduct. We will send a notice to Sachin Tendulkar on the 30th of August 2023. We had given him time till the 30th. Till now, he has not clarified any of his positions in this regard. So, we are going to send him a notice through a lawyer”

Bachu Kadu further released a video in his social media handle, in which he said

“Sachin Tendulkar is Bharat Ratna. It is not right for a person who has numerous fans and Bharat Ratna to advertise a gambling app like Paytm First. I request the Maharashtra Government and Sachin Tendulkar to please ban this ad immediately”

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