PSG looking for Mbappe Replacement. Finds hope in Man Utd legend

Mbappe is set to arrive at Real Madrid soon, with Fabrizio Romano already giving his green light. This leaves a prominent void in the forward lineup of PSG, and talks of replacing the former star with current Man Utd legend Marcus Rashford are making headlines. There have always been discussions regarding Rashford being a possibility in Paris, along with other players. He was always in praise by the PSG board, even when Mbappe was balling for the club. Currently, Rashford’s state at Old Trafford remains a bit blurry. His seasons are often inconsistent and unpredictable. Every other season, there is a decline in the Englishman. Marcus Rashford was once deemed the future of Man Utd and the heir of Rooney. As the state remains, he is not a candidate who makes the starting lineup under Dutch manager Erik Ten Hag. Rashford is thus looking for new first-team opportunities.

PSG paying exorbitant price to Man Utd for Rashford

Rashford has made over 40 appearances for Man Utd in the 23/24 season, with only 13 goal contributions to his name in the Premier League, yet PSG has shown their interest in the lad. This might seem average to good on paper, but it is concerning considering the price PSG are willing to pay. In 22/23, Rashford was one of the most in-demand players in the world, having 30 goals and 10 assists. The staggering decline in his statistics did not reflect the decline in his market value, however. The 26 year old has made over 300 appearances for Man Utd, scoring over 100 goals, earning him the status of a club legend. He is easily a household name not only in England but also around the world. In certain parts, he has also achieved the status of an icon due to his extensive philanthropy. 

All these add up to his market value, which is important to being a marquee player in a club like PSG. This will also help with viewership, bringing English fans over to France. Even after this, the 80 million Euro price tag seems a bit too much to be paid. Rashford is a player who has an amazing track record and delivery but is equally inconsistent. His statistics are like mood swings from season to season. For Luis Enrique, this shall be a big gamble. While the Red Devils don’t want him, is it safe to get a player who has not been featuring for his country in the upcoming Euros?

80 million Euros for 26 year old: Justifed?

Journalist Robin Bairner, in his PSG Talk Extra Time column claims that this deal is way over than natural and realistic. He mentions;

“Manchester United winger Marcus Rashford is a name often linked to Les Parisiens,”

Bairner wrote.

“The England winger is one to avoid, though. For a start, United’s transfer demands are significantly more than the worth of the player. Reports indicate that the Old Trafford club is seeking in the region of €80 million for the 26-year-old. Coming off the back of a season in which he scored only eight goals in 43 appearances, this is a price that cannot be justified”

This will be interesting a saga to look forward this summer.

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