Pundit claims he was not sure of Hugo Lloris back in 2012

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Pundit Rio Ferdinand claims he was not sure of Hugo Lloris when the goalkeeper joined the English club Tottenham Hotspur back in 2012.

Tim Sherwood, Sam Allardyce and Rio Ferdinand chose Lloris in Tottenham’s All Time Premier League XI on No Tippy Tappy Football Podcast. He was most important man in Spurs squad for over a decade.

Both Time Sherwood and Rio Ferdinand both agreed Lloris should be team’s number one. However, Former United defender stated he didn’t back him when he first joined the club back in 2012.

Pundit predicted that his tendency to rush off the line can cause problem Spurs as it would give away lot of penalties. Ferdinand spoke about his initial period as Sherwood said :-

“We’ve gone for Lloris. We went for Lloris because of the years of service he gave to the club. He took a lot of criticism and I used to say to everyone ‘try to find one better’. He’s really undersized as a goalie. You see some giants, but he was so quick, so agile, not the best on the floor, but a World Cup winner. I don’t think we can find anyone with an argument.”

Ferdinand also shared his views and said :-

“When he first came to the club we thought he would give lots of penalties away because he was off his line like there was no tomorrow. I remember Tony Parkes was the goalkeeping coach and he’d come in on the Monday morning and they’d show the goals on Sky and I’d say ‘goalkeeper’s fault again’ and he’d keep his head down, Lloris was like ‘what is he going on about?’ A good kid and all the things Tim says, he’s our first choice.

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