Pundit criticised Neville’s wishlist and called it “ridiculous”

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Pundit Simon Jordan criticised Neville’s wishlist for the new owners as his social media post lacks “substance” and calls it “ridiculous”.

Former United defender wrote a huge post on X that detailed his queries regarding future of Manchester United. However, Simon Jordan criticised Neville for his social media rant about the ownership. Pundit said on talkSPORT Breakfast:-

“The points that Gary is making are just for the gallery.

“They have no substance behind a lot of what’s being said in terms of who the shareholders are, does it dilute… who cares if it dilutes the shareholders on the New York Stock Exchange?

“Ultimately, you need to look at what this is going to mean to the football club rather than ultimately the peripheral noise about who’s got what, when and how.

“The Glazers, and I know it’s an unpalatable statement and I say it regularly and United fans don’t like it, you may own it emotively but these guys own it really.

“So you can huff and you can puff, but you ain’t blowing their house down any time soon and the only thing that’s going to do that is the economic transaction that details that they get what they want.

“I would imagine that Joel and Avram are the ones that have retained their shareholding because they’re the ones that think the £10billion valuation that’s further down the line after the 2026 World Cup is achievable.

“They’re more motivated by staying in the business than the other siblings that are probably the ones that have been taken out. The governance issue is a very key component because of the way the voting rights are structured.

However with new ownership, United will go through lots of changes in next couple of months.

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