Rajasthan Royals admin takes potshot at media for Rohirat relationship


Rajasthan Royals admin takes potshot at media for Rohirat relationship. Virat Kohli hugged Rohit Sharma upon celebrating a wicket in the Ind vs. Sri Lanka Super Four stage match.

Indian Media have always stirred news around ex-captain Virat Kohli and current caption Rohit Sharma’s insecurity around each other. However, the duo shared a moment in the match against Sri Lanka when Rohit Sharma took a stunning catch.


In the 25.1 over, Ravindra Jadeja was bowling, and Dasun Shanaka was at the batting end. Shanaka edged his bat to hit the ball, while Rohit Sharma, fielding at the right of slip. Rohit Sharma caught the ball. Moreover, Rohit Sharma went all for it and dived to catch the ball. Afterwards, Virat Kohli hugged Rohit Sharma by bending towards him.

This moment between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma drew fans’ attention. It was a Rohirat moment for the fans of both. Moreover, taking a dig at media, the Rajasthan Royals admin shared a video on their social media, platforms X and Instagram correlating to the relationship between Rohit and Virat.

The video shared by Rajasthan Royal admin starts with how the media sees them, followed by pictures of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli side by side with a lightening emoticon that represents high voltage. The other half of the video displayed how they see each other, followed by the hugging moment shared on the ground. In addition, The Rajasthan Royals admin portrayed the post as “Tonight’s bedtime story”.

Reacting to the post fans appreciated the Rajasthan Royals admin and one of the fans commented

“Undoubtedly the best admin among the IPL teams, who loves and values their fans and their emotions along with Indian fans. So much love and respect to you admin sir!!”

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