Ralf Rangnick will not be in charge of Manchester United against Arsenal

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Manchester United confirmed on Monday that Ralf Rangnick will be their interim manager till the end of the season. However, Rangnick is set to miss United’s fixture against Arsenal. Ralf Rangnick also has a consultancy role at Manchester United for two years after his interim stint. Since he has not been a manager since 2019, he has to go through some formalities which are delaying his welcome at the club.

Michael Carrick is going to be the manager against Arsenal again and United will have to wait till they face Crystal Palace for Rangnick. However, United have played well under Carrick than they did under Solskjaer. The Red Devils qualified for the last 16 of UCL with an away win against Villarreal. Michael Carrick led the team to Spain and lift off some burden from the club with a 2-0 victory against Villarreal. Moreover, United also had to face table-toppers Chelsea under Carrick. The Red Devils did well to scrap a 1-1 draw in a game where many predicted them to lose.

However, the fixture against the Gunners is also an important one, and not having Ralf Rangnick at the touchline by that time is kind of a setback for United. But, Carrick has done well in the last two fixtures and he can trusted for his third match as caretaker manager. Nevertheless, United fans must be buzzing to watch United play under Rangnick.

How is not having Rangnick against Arsenal a setback for United?

Arsenal are up and running in the Premier League right now. Their beautiful football is back and can trouble United a lot in front of their fans. Rangnick’s experience can be very beneficial in big games like these. He is a manager who likes to take charge of everything. His clear philosophy of heavy-metal football could have helped United to keep Arsenal at bay. While the Gunners are capable of beating a weak press by the opponent. Therefore, a press led by an experienced and through in a more efficient way is important for United.

Rangnick is one of the most influential managers in world football. Just the sheer fact that Rangnick is the manager of a team is enough to scare some teams off. This game is a must-win for United and they need the tactical sharpness to get closer to Arsenal on the points table. Ralf Rangnick is very capable of doing that at United and increasing their chances to defeat Arsenal. Carrick has done well against Villarreal and Chelsea and he has the respect for doing so. However, United is likely to sit back and hit on the counter against Arsenal under Carrick. This wouldn’t be the case under Rangnick as he would want United to win the ball high up on the pitch and trouble Arsenal’s defense.

Manchester United will just have to go through this fixture somehow. Rangnick will probably be in charge of United for the Crystal Palace game. Ralf Rangnick’s appointment is one of their better steps towards their recovery of the season. His consultancy is something that United and its future manager can thrive on. He has a very reputation in that role wherever he went. While United fans are absolutely thrilled with this appointment. However, we are yet to see how United’s players get on with the German manager.

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