Ravi Shastri: Virat Kohli can quit ODI captaincy to focus on batting

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Virat Kohli is going to be considered as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. But he shocked the whole world earlier this year, when he declared to step down as the captain after the T20 World Cup.

His last match as captain for the men in blue in T20 was against Namibia. In the meantime, he also announced that he has stepped down as captain of RCB too.

Moreover, Ravi Shastri’s contract as a head coach of the team also came to an end. But none of the actions were certainly a result of India’s disappointing World Cup campaign. All these had happened before the marquee tournament even started.

India faced two back to back defeats from Pakistan and New Zealand, respectively. Although India won the remaining three matches, but they could not make it to the knockout stages.

However, some shocking news has come out as Ravi Shastri has hinted about Kohli stepping down as the ODI skipper as well. 

Ravi Shastri: Virat Kohli might step down as ODI captain also

It is assumed that if Virat quits the captaincy in ODI, it might be because of his liking for test cricket. According to Shastri, Kohli might make this decision to stay focused on his batting and as a test captain.

“In red-ball cricket, India has been the No1 team in the world for the last 5 years under Virat Kohli. So unless he wants to give up or if he is mentally fatigued and says he wants to focus on his batting. Which can happen shortly, don’t think it will happen immediately – but it can happen,”

said Ravi Shastri former Indian coach. 

Ravi also explained the reason. As many great players, who have been captains before, had the capacity to focus on their batting and enjoy the game. So it is something that fans should know as it will for sure happen shortly.

Why Kohli can quit captaincy

It is certain that, if Kohli quits as captain he would for sure do it to focus as a test captain of the team. Moreover, it will be for sure a decision which he will take himself.

In the past, we have seen many such instances where some great players have been successful both as captains and individual players. But they later chose to focus completely on their skills or as captain in any one format. Even towards the end of their careers, they tried to concentrate on their skills. 

Virat is not performing at the level we associate him with. In past, we have seen that how form determines whether he wants to take the extra pressure of being a captain lead the side.

Virat is still without a century although there has not been so much cricket in the past two years. He would like to end his century drought very soon. All of this for sure has a major effect on him, which could lead him to take such a decision. 

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