Ray Parlour saddened to see Arsenal part ways with Rob Holding

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Rob Holding has finally moved to Crystal Palace, leaving Arsenal behind which some, such as Parlour, did not take well.

Holding’s departure was simply a matter of time, as the player did not have other any option to begin with. The player joined the Gunners back during 2016, playing as their defender for 7 years, yet his presence was faint.

Holding was not a regular starter for the team, and when he did see play, some injury was soon to follow. Despite his lack of involvement on the pitch, he was both a great locker room guy and a fan’s favourite.

Nevertheless, the player’s career relied on field play which Mikel Arteta did not provide, or more accurately, would not provide. As Holding was completely out of the manager’s plans as seen by his absence in the current Premier League season.

Thus, Holding’s only option was to find a new club that would make use of his talent, which were plenty. Once greenlit, the player received offers from multiple European clubs such as the Wolverhampton Wanderers, Crystal Palace, and Luton Town. He was also a point of interest for foreign clubs, with the most notable one being the Turkish giants Besiktas.

In the end however, the defender opted to stay within English soil, choosing Crystal Palace with their £4 million offer.

Holding leaving Arsenal was an understandable move according to Parlour

The Arsenal legend Ray Parlour understands why the Holding had to leave, but the move still left the him uneasy.

“I was sad to see Rob go, because he is such a good guy for the dressing room area, but obviously, he wants to play.” commented Parlour on talkSPORT Radio.

In the end, Holding’s decision was a logical one born out of necessity, and one which most view most positively.

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