Real Madrid begin their pursuit of Mbappé. AGAIN.

Kylian Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé is reportedly set to leave Paris-Saint Germain with Real Madrid expected to be his next club. According to multiple reports, Mbappé has informed PSG that he doesn’t wish to extend his contract with the club. In an official statement, Mbappé stated, “I have never discussed any contract renewal with PSG”. “The board has been informed since July 15th, 2022 of my decision not to extend beyond 2024 — and the letter sent was only meant to confirm what I already told them”.(sic)

As expected, the statement wasn’t pleasing for the PSG board. They have reportedly given Mbappé an ultimatum, which is to either sign a new deal or leave the club this summer. They don’t want him to leave as a free agent next summer, which seems pretty logical.

Mbappé and Real: A perfect match?

It seems pretty clear that both Mbappé and Real Madrid are in need of each other. The departures of Mariano, Asensio, Hazard and most importantly Karim Benzema has made the Real attack quite thin. Though Real have signed Joselu on loan, they still need a big player to replace the legendary Benzema. While for Mbappé, what better place than Real Madrid to build your career.

While this move looks very interesting, it is surrounded by some tensions. Mbappé’s late snub to Real Madrid last season caused a lot of upset at the club. Players and fans expressed their disappointment over Mbappé’s decision. Even the club president, Florentino Perez criticised the Frenchman’s descision publicly.

However, it was reported a few days ago that Real Madrid might be going all in for Mbappé this summer. The club reportedly is ready to offer PSG an amount close to €200m for Mbappé.

A Major Twist in The Story

Amidst the rumours, a bombshell was dropped by both, Kylian Mbappé and Real Madrid. Mbappé has recently clarified his statement and told Lequipe that he has only reminded the board of what they had already discussed. He also said that he is very happy and wishes to continue with the club till the end of next season, indirectly rejecting a move to Real this summer.

On the other hand, Real Madrid’s President Florentino Perez has also subtlety ruled Kylian’s transfer to Real. When asked recently, the Los Blancos president said that the club won’t be making any other signings this summer after completing the signings of Joselu and Jude Bellingham.

Even though the move didn’t happen last summer and also looks very unlikely to happen this summer as well, it still seems almost inevitable that Mbappé will be Real Madrid player one day.

However, for now, things have become very uncertain for the 24 year old Frenchman as PSG reportedly have put up Mbappé for sale despite him wanting to stay at the club till the end of the next season. As the situation stands, it is very difficult to predict where Kylian Mbappé would be seen playing next season.

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