Red Bull denies budget cap breach, reports indicate ‘free lunch’ reason for the minor overspent

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Red Bull has openly denied any knowledge of a budget cap breach that surfaced after the investigation of FIA into the matter.

A couple of weeks ago rumors started swirling around a possible budget cap breach by a few teams during the 2021 season. Rumors indicated highly towards Red Bull being caught in the middle of a scandal.

An investigation was soon launched into the matter.

Now, Formula 1’s governing body FIA concluded its investigation into a probable budget cap breach in the 2021 F1 season. The body officially announced that two teams had overspent last year.

Red Bull and Aston Martin are the two teams who have gone over the cap.

FIA introduced a budget cap of $145 million last season.

Nevertheless, Red Bull still stands firm on its ground denying any overspent from its side. Earlier, Christian Horner also denied any overspent from the Milton Keynes-based outfit.

Red Bull released an official statement shortly after the announcement by FIA.

Aston Martin was found guilty of a procedural breach just like Williams earlier in the year. The team paid $25000 as a fine during the Monaco Grand Prix for a procedural error.

We expect the somewhat same treatment for Aston Martin.

Some reports indicate that Red Bull might have overspent the budget on “catering”.

A Dutch Newspaper claimed the overspent to be around $1m-$2m more than the cost cap. The Newspaper further claims daily free lunch for the staff at Milton Keynes as a key reason for the overspending.

Furthermore, costs for covering absent staff, and illness also contributed alongside catering fees.

We expect a fine as a punishment for this minor overspending.

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