Has Red Bull breached the 2021 budget cap?

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There might be an incoming scandal involving Red Bull racing regarding the breaches in the 2021 budget cap.

Reports indicate that FIA might be starting an investigation with Red Bull at the center of it. The investigation is aimed at Budget cap violations for the 2021 season.

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto had earlier reacted to rumors of Red Bull testing new chassis. The chassis was claimed to be a lighter version of the 2022 car.

Binotto believes that Ferrari wouldn’t have been able to conduct such a test in the budget cap:

“I cannot know what they are doing, if they have a lighter chassis or not, but generally speaking, the budget cap is always a concern,”

said Binotto.

“The financial regulations can make differences between teams in the way they are interpreting and somehow executing it.

“And we know we need to have a very strong FIA to make sure they are properly focusing, otherwise the regulations will not be fair and equitable.”

La Gazzetta Dello Sport’s respected correspondent Luigi Perna suspects that the outcome of the current investigation can be bad for Red Bull. If found guilty of overspending the penalty could be fine. In a more serious breach, it could also mean a loss of points for the team from the championship.

He also pointed out that FIA might be starting almost three investigations covering more than just the Red Bull team for a possible breach of budget in the 2021 season.

For now, the news is more than just rumors and is swirling around the paddock in Singapore.

Verstappen responds on Red Bull lightweight chassis claim

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen was asked if the team still plans to use the lightweight chassis in the remaining races this year. The reigning world champion gave his typical cheeky reply:

“No, we don’t have any other chassis,”

Verstappen said.

“We made a bet – if I won in Monza, I would keep the old chassis. I was thinking of lifting and finishing second, but I won the race anyway,”

Verstappen joked.

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko is no longer worried about the team seizing the championship. He personally wants Max to clinch the title in Japan.

Anyways, he believes at this rate Red Bull will wrap championship sooner or later:

“The world title should only be a matter of time, unless the proverbial devil gets involved,”

he told Kronen Zeitung newspaper.

“We still want to win the race here – Max wants to win,”

Marko, 79, added.

“There’s also this new record for victories which is an additional incentive for Max,”

he said, pointing to the record of most wins throughout a season which is currently held by Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher with 13 wins each.

“The course in general should suit Ferrari,”

Marko added in Singapore.

“They are the favourite here.”

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