Richarlison can’t fill the spot, if Harry Kane leaves this summer – Vega

Former Swedish footballer Roman Vega claims that Brazilian forward Richarlison can’t fill spot, if Harry Kane leaves the club this summer.

While speaking on the Last Word on Spurs YouTube channel, Vega states that Richarlison is a complete different player. Harry Kane might leave the club to explore other opportunities in European football.

Bayern Munich are eager to sign Harry Kane and the German Giants are working hard to get this deal done asap. Tottenham are doing their best to keep him at the club further, but it looks like a tough job.

However, one person who will get benifitted from Kane’s departure is Richarlison. The Brazilian forward might not be happy to see him leave the club, but it could increase his importance to his team.

Roman Vega doesn’t believe the fact that Richarlison will Kane at the club. He suggests manager Ange Postecoglou will need to sign atleast one player to replace their all-time-top-scorer in their club’s history.

During an interview in the Channel, Host Ricky Sacks asks the question –

“Do you think Richarlison is enough with the attackers around him to compensate for the loss of Harry Kane?”

Although answering the host, Vega replied:-

“Not at all, he’s not enough, absolutely not.

“Richarlison is a completely different striker in terms of attitude and character, he’s not enough at all, simple as that.

“We need at least one or two other ones to join if Harry Kane leaves, it’s absolutely not enough at all.

“We saw with him he’s not happy himself with the season because he didn’t play as much and didn’t perform at the same time.

“Players take a while to integrate into the squad until they’re playing well.

“But at the same time, if you’re only just having him, we need to have another two as well.

“So, it’s definitely not enough. Yes, there was a sign last year with him that there’s a potential replacement for Harry Kane. But that was last year.”

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