Rob Holding is not ‘good enough’ for Arsenal says Keane

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Sky Sports Pundit Roy Keane thinks that Rob Holding is not good enough for Arsenal. He further went on to say that if Arsenal wants to win the league they shouldn’t play him.

Speaking on Sky Sports before Arsenal vs Liverpool, Keane went on to say that Holding is too ‘slow’ to be playing for Arsenal.

Keane thinks Holding is slow

Roy Keane further went on to say;

“He doesn’t play regularly and there’s a reason for that,There’s obviously better players in his position at the club.

“I’m not his biggest fan, I have to say he’s a good pro. I worry that at this level, his real lack of pace and I think sometimes he gets too tight to people, so if you’re Liverpool you will be looking at that as an area they are vulnerable. 

“Especially on the turn, he’s very, very slow. Good honest player and he’ll attack it, but in terms of quick play in and around his feet, I think he’s short at the highest level.”

Holding needs to help Arsenal hold on to the lead in the Premier League race

Rob Holding has done a decent job since he started for Arsenal. The reason he starts for Arsenal is that William Saliba is injured. But there is a clear drop in quality when he plays. Many mistakes done by him have been covered by Gabriel Maghalaes.

Despite giving away a freakish penalty, Holding was particularly well from set-piece situations due to his height. He was good overall for Arsenal vs Liverpool.

Nevertheless, Arteta will be hoping that he gets Saliba back as soon as possible. Arsenal completely looks like a different team when Saliba plays. Arsenal hoped they could cling on to their slender lead till the end of the season. Holding provides a great backup option even if he’s slow for the Premier League.

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