Rohit Sharma backs Virat Kohli once again after India lose the 2nd ODI against England

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After India lost the 2nd ODI against England yesterday, Virat Kohli was once again under the scanner.

He scored only 16 runs and edged the ball to Buttler.

At the post-match press conference, Rohit Sharma once again stepped up for Virat Kohli.

Sharma said that it is natural for any cricket player to see both highs and lows during his career.

He mentioned that Virat is going through a low patch which is very normal.

Sharma further explained that Kohli has also seen his golden period where he scored massive runs and won games for India.

India’s last four wickets in the 2nd ODI fell for just 6 runs as the visitors fell short by 100 runs.

Rohit then explained that there are some things that they can learn from England.

He said that England batted very well even after losing five wickets and went on to score 250 runs. So, that’s definitely something that India can pick up from the opposition.

In the end, Rohit explained that the team is trying to shift to a more attacking approach in the game and when a collapse happens, the players have to maintain the same attitude.

He said that it will take time for each individual player but the mentality for India will set in soon.

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