Rohit Sharma says by no means, this is a fitness test or any other thing


By no means this is a fitness test or any other thing. Rohit Sharma expressed his views on experimenting in a contest like the Asia Cup.

In a press conference held before the India and Pakistan encounter in Asia Cup 2023, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma expressed hi views on how vital is it for them to play according to the situation.


Rohit Sharma in a press conference stated

“All sorts of combinations available looking at how the game was played yesterday. We have got experience in our batting lineup. Batters have to play accordingly. We will try to take the game on, but it is important to read the situation well”

Talking about India’s ace pacer Jasprit Bumrah return, he added

“Speaking of [Mohammed] Shami, [Mohammed] Siraj and [Jasprit] Bumrah… especially Bumrah who is coming back from an injury after a long time, he played in Ireland, he looked good there. And then the small camp we had in Bengaluru, he looked good [there] as well”

Rohit Sharma further added

“By no means, this is a fitness test or any other thing. This is a tournament played between the top 6 Asian teams. It’s a very big tournament for all of us, without a doubt, we learn from every mistake and loss. We have given opportunities to many players in the last year, We will use this Asia Cup to play good cricket. We are going to focus on winning”

talking about the game Rohit Sharma added

“We have to apply ourselves in this format and this tournament. Yes, you have to be aggressive, but at the same time, you have to apply and give the time to settle in the crease and play according to the situation,”

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