Roman Abramovich searching for a new club after resigning as Chelsea owner

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Roman Abramovich is now searching for another club to takeover in Europe. The Russian billionaire had to put Chelsea up for sale as he faced sanctions by the UK Government. Chelsea has faced consequences and now they are also looking for a possible replacement for Abramovich. The Russian oligarch brought Chelsea the best years in the history of their club.

Roman Abramovich was said to have connections with Vladimir Putin. The Russian President’s call to invade Ukraine also led to some backlash for Abramovich. He has faced a lot of controversial calls and was the target of the UK Government’s sanctions. Therefore, he has no other option other than to sell Chelsea and the process is now ongoing.

According to Turkish outlet Fanatik, Mehmet Sepil who is the President of Gotzepe will also be leaving the club. The talks between Sepil and Abramovich have already started and negotiations have begun. That way Roman Abramovich will also get to stay in Europe and so far there are no problems with the club bringing him in.

Chelsea have enjoyed their best years in the last two decades when Roman Abramovich was their owner. They have won two Champions League in those years which may not have been thought of before Abramovich took over. His generous investment in the club has made Chelsea one of the best clubs in Europe.

Why is Abramovich adamant over buying a new club in Europe?

Many political organizations or oligarchs like Mr. Abramovich use the help of sports washing. It means that several groups, individuals, or parties use sports to improve their damaged reputation. They do this by hosting a huge sporting event or by buying or sponsoring a sporting club. This takes a lot of attention from people towards the sport rather than their damaged reputation.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia could be an example of sports washing. Many were criticizing Russia’s foreign policy before the tournament. However, those discussions stopped and everyone were talking about the successful event and the genial behavior by the Russians. Similarly, this has been the case for many organizations in the past years.

Football is the biggest sport in the world with Europe being the continent where it is played the most. The sport is more glamorized in Europe than in most of the other continents. Therefore, acquiring a club in Europe will be of more help for sports washing for Roman Abramovich. However, he now has to be more careful after facing sanctions by the UK Government.

Roman Abramovich certainly took Chelsea to the next level with his constant investment. Similarly, he could elevate another club with his financial help. Especially in Turkey, the fans are loud and passionate but their clubs need more support which Abramovich could provide. The more the passion of the fans the more beneficial for the club and Roman Abramovich.

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