Roman Abramovich to listen to bids for Chelsea this week amid pressure on Russian billionaire

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Roman Abramovich is considering selling Chelsea for the first time since he took over. He will be listening to offers to sell Chelsea. Potential buyers will be bidding in order to buy the club from the Russian Billionaire. The club owner is facing threats of sanction because of his close contact with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Potential buyers are preparing their offers in order to take control of the club. These offers are understood to reach Mr. Abramovich by the weekend to assess the buyers and their offers. The Chelsea owner also had to face some difficult opinions in which case his assets were frozen and confiscated. However, he has dodged that with his recent statements about the situation.

Chelsea previously were not of the stand to change their ownership or sell the club. However, that take had to be changed due to the increased pressure from the fans and upper bodies. This will be a test of Abramovich and the club to see how far they can go to keep things the same way.

However, that seems unlikely as Roman Abramovich has already given control to the trustees of Chelsea. Some reports also claim that he is also ready to sell his mansion in England. Abramovich has already rejected £2.2 billion proposals for Chelsea, and the club owes him £1.51 billion, which would be very definitely covered in those offers.

Why Roman Abramovich leaving Chelsea is difficult to swallow for the all the fans?

Chelsea has enjoyed the best years in their history under Roman Abramovich as their owner. He supported every decision the club took and provided funds whenever needed. As he has mentioned in his statements, his decisions were always in the best interest of the football club including the decision to leave. The club has won every trophy under Abramovich including the Premier League and Champions League multiple times.

The fans are uncertain of who will be the next owner and will he be as successful as Abramovich. They will be nervous after many clubs have suffered because of a lack of management from the upper-level management. However, that was never the case at Chelsea as they usually got what they wanted and have come a long way under Abramovich.

Roman Abramovich will do his utmost best to find the best buyer possible who will help the club in the future. The positive is that Marina Granovskaia and Petr Cech are doing their jobs at the best in the boardroom of Chelsea. This has made Abramovich’s job easier in recent years and will also be a relief to him that he is leaving the club in good hands.

Chelsea fans have to move forward and look for what could be the best for the club after this situation. Roman Abramovich was certainly one of the best owners of a football club but his future at Chelsea looks highly in doubt. The club should now be focused on how they could get the best out of this situation in order to stabilize the club for a better future.

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