Romelu Lukaku set to hold talks over his future with Chelsea

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Romelu Lukaku will be meeting Thomas Tuchel to discuss his recent interview and behavior. Lukaku admitted that he is not happy at Chelsea which led to Tuchel omitting Lukaku from the squad against Liverpool. Although Chelsea secured a 2-2 draw but they still have to sort this situation with their star striker.

Chelsea signed the Belgian for a transfer fee of £97.5 million in the summer of 2021. However, he has not been up to the expectations and has not justified his price tag yet. He started only one game in December and has just 5 goals in 13 Premier League appearances for the club. In addition, an interview like that will do no good to his reputation at the club.

Moreover, he also admitted that he would like a return to Inter Milan. Tuchel was straightforward with his judgment and mentioned that this brings unwanted noise to the club. This also causes a disruption in the team and Chelsea were already hit with an injury crisis. At times like these, it is expected from the players to be with the club and the manager.

Tuchel did not include Lukaku in Chelsea’s squad to face Liverpool. This was to highlight that no player is important than the club. Moreover, Chelsea coming back to draw against Liverpool with an unfit squad is a great achievement for Tuchel. However, this situation will be talked over and a solution will be discussed.

Why Tuchel was right to omit Lukaku from the squad?

A player must have the willingness to play for a great club especially when they are paying the player very generously. Lukaku had just started his return to Chelsea and has not even completed a season. However, he has somehow caused tension in the Chelsea dressing room. The decision to omit Lukaku against Liverpool was still debatable but it was the right decision in the long run.

‘No player is greater than the club’ is a rule that should be followed by each and every club. A single player can cause a lot of issues in the club which may affect the results. If Chelsea wants to create a great stature such as of Manchester United in England in the future then it is only possible with such steps. These steps highlight that this is more than just a club and more of a team.

Chelsea has the potential to be a strong competitor in Europe for many years to come. However, the new recruits must not join just because of the money but because they are willing to play for the club. Just the willingness of a player can impact his performances for the club and will ultimately affect the results.

Romelu Lukaku is still very talented and hard-working for achieving his goals but this is not the way to behave if he’s unhappy with a situation. Lukaku is still important to Chelsea and Tuchel will have to find a way that works out well for both Lukaku and Chelsea. Moreover, there is no intention from Chelsea to sell just before completing a season and will work towards getting a solution for a way forward.

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