Romelu Lukaku sets new goalscoring record in European Qualifiers


Romelu Lukaku made history by scoring a record-breaking number of goals in a single European Championship qualifying campaign. The 30-year-old footballer achieved this milestone during Belgium’s 5-0 victory against Azerbaijan, where he scored an impressive four goals. Lukaku’s tally in the Euro 2024 qualifiers now stands at 14 goals, surpassing past records set by David Healy and Robert Lewandowski, who both scored 13 goals in their respective Euro qualifying campaigns.

His achievements extend beyond the national stage, boasting an outstanding overall record of 83 goals in 113 appearances for Belgium. Romelu Lukaku’s success doesn’t stop there; he’s been in good form for AS Roma too. Playing under Jose Mourinho‘s guidance, Lukaku has scored nine goals in 14 matches this season, showcasing his prowess as a skilled goal-scorer. Despite Azerbaijan not being a top-tier national team, Lukaku’s remarkable performance deserves recognition.

Romelu Lukaku’s Chelsea future: A decision looms

Romelu Lukaku’s incredible goal-scoring ability has sparked discussions at Chelsea about possibly retaining his services after his loan spell at Roma. However, it’s apparent that Lukaku’s desire might not align with a return to Chelsea. His current commitment to AS Roma at the Stadio Olimpico indicates a preference for staying away from Chelsea.

Considering Lukaku’s standpoint, it might not make sense to force his stay at Chelsea, even if he continues to score goals. This situation leaves Chelsea fans in a quandary; some may even favor a struggling Nicolas Jackson over Lukaku. Yet, Jackson, despite earlier challenges, has shown promise in recent games against Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

In summary, Romelu Lukaku’s recent goal-scoring achievements in the Euro qualifiers have been exceptional. However, his future with Chelsea remains uncertain, given his inclination to stay at AS Roma. This leaves Chelsea contemplating their options as Lukaku’s remarkable goal-scoring abilities may not guarantee his return to the club.

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