Romelu Lukaku’s potential move drives Chelsea’s transfer plans into action

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Chelsea is feeling very confident that Romelu Lukaku will leave next summer after playing for AS Roma. The Belgian striker is doing very well since he went to play in Serie A. According to the Evening Standard, The Blues have decided the price they want for Lukaku, which is rumored to be around £37 million. They hope to sell him for that amount without any negotiation. Romelu Lukaku, who is 30 years old, has been performing amazingly well this season, scoring six goals and getting four against Azerbaijan in November.

Chelsea is confident that Roma will agree to pay the price they’re asking since Romelu Lukaku is currently at his top form. Even though Jose Mourinho wants Lukaku to play for Roma, it is not sure if Mourinho will still be incharge of Roma next season.

How Chelsea may respond to Romelu Lukaku’s move

Romelu Lukaku was brought in to take Tammy Abraham‘s place and has been fantastic. Chelsea wants to sell him while he is in top form. They also plan to find a new striker once Lukaku leaves to fix their problems in scoring goals.

Romelu Lukaku is top player for Roma and Belgium and this could make it easier for Chelsea to sell him. But the problem is Mourinho’s future at Roma is a bit uncertain for the next season. That could make Romelu Lukaku change his mind about staying at Roma, just like when he left Inter Milan before. If he changes his mind, it’ll cause a lot of changes and we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Chelsea has a clear goal, sell Lukaku for a good price and find someone else to take his place. Lukaku’s excellent playing helps Chelsea in selling him for a higher price. But Mourinho’s unsure future at Roma might make Lukaku switch teams again, creating a buzz in the football world. Time will tell if Lukaku stays where he is or moves again.

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