Roy Keane says Bruno should be stripped of Man United’s captaincy

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Roy Keane has suggested that Bruno Fernandes should be stripped of Manchester United‘s captaincy. Keane said this for Bruno following the defeat against city-rivals Manchester City. Goal from Phil Foden and Erling Haaland’s brace led the Sky Blues march pasting the Red Devils in a 3-0 victory at Old Trafford. Moreover, Jamie Carragher also supported Roy Keane on his suggestion of captain. Speaking after the game on Sky Sports with Keane and Gary Neville, Carragher said,

 “A big decision Erik ten Hag has made is who he has made captain. Bruno Fernandes should not be a captain – we’re sat here with two Manchester United captains [Keane and Gary Neville].”

Keane intervenes in between and said,

“The first thing I would do – I have to tell you, watching him again – I would definitely take the captaincy off him. 100 per cent. I know it’s a big decision. Obviously, they changed the captaincy with Maguire [but] Fernandes is not captain material.

“I think he’s a talented player, no doubt about it, but what we saw today with him again – I know we’ve discussed this many times before, it was at Liverpool last year – is his winging, his moaning, his throwing his arms up in the air constantly.

“It really isn’t acceptable. After what we saw today I’m thinking I would take that off him.

“You have to start somewhere. You’re thinking, ‘Where do you make changes’. You’re talking board level, managers… I would start with that because the manager is capable of doing that.

“And [he can] hold his hands up and say, ‘Okay, I got it wrong’.

“Fernandes is a brilliant footballer, but in terms of captain material, he’s the opposite of what I would want in a captain.”

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