Roy Keane says Manchester United to finish in the top four ahead of Arsenal

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Roy Keane has given Manchester United the nod to finish fourth in the Premier League ahead of Arsenal. The Premier League is experiencing a strong battle for a finish in the top four with Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, and Wolves fighting for the place. Whereas, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea already seem to have sealed their places in the top three of the league.

Manchester United recently suffered a 4-1 loss away against Manchester City. This has hugely dented their hopes for a finish in the top four. On the other hand, Arsenal’s recent 2-3 win away against Watford put them ahead of United in 4th place. Moreover, the Gunners also have three games in their hands, meaning, they can get a lead of 10 points over Manchester United.

Even though Arsenal have such an advantage on their sides, Roy Keane still believes that Manchester United could finish ahead of Arsenal for a fourth-place spot. Keane is of the view that Arsenal has had some terrible results in cup competitions and are slight favorites now. However, United could nick it over Arsenal at the end of the season.

Nevertheless, all the other conditions favor Arsenal as they do not have injuries right now and have only one competition to worry about at the moment. All this and they also have momentum on their side, unlike Manchester United. Roy Keane belongs to a minority group as even many Manchester United fans do not look confident to finish ahead of Arsenal.

Why Roy Keane believes Manchester United could finish ahead of Arsenal?

Manchester United had created the most number of chances before facing Manchester City at Etihad. This shows how far they have come after their horrible start to the season. It is obvious that the players will take some time to a new kind of playing style. Rangnick’s playing style is intense which many players from the club are not habituated to.

Moreover, Roy Keane does have some point as Arsenal have experienced some severely negative results in the cup competitions. Arsenal have to be cautious as they must not let their momentum get away. They have to be consistent to be the favorites till the end of the season. In addition, Manchester United also have a really tough fixture list which could determine the 4th placed club in the coming weeks.

Nevertheless, Manchester United should not lose hope as crazier things have happened in the world of football. United just have to pick themselves up and try to get better results to play in the Champions League next season. They have to start getting results even against the big clubs to be a top club in Europe again.

Roy Keane will certainly be laughed at now after his judgments, however, he can have the last laugh if things go his way. Although that does not look likely, it is still possible since there is a lot to play in the final half of the season. Arsenal could be playing their first Champions League campaign after 2016 and look hungry to fight for it this season.

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