Ryan Bertrand back at Chelsea as he weights his options


After a long period of silence, sources claim Ryan Bertrand is with Chelsea, specifically their loan development group. Where the player now trains to prepare for the unknown.

Bertrand was previously a left-back for Leicester City, which was an uneventful experience to say the least. Joining the club since 2021, the player barely saw play, with a mere 11 participations and multiple injuries. Naturally, after making little use of the player’s talent, the Foxes released him during the current year’s summer window. Needless to say, this marked a dark chapter in the Englishman’s career, and his life as a whole.

The defender recently returned to the Blues, a club he had far more engagement in, 54 participations to be exact. Where he left afterwards for Southampton in 2015. During that period, the player truly shined. With over 240 participations across all competitions, these may have been the defender’s golden days.

Bertrand is currently sharpening his skills in preparation of the future, as the previously mentioned sources confirmed the player’s availability. With his options ranging from Europe and England, all the way to the Middle East.

The future of Bertrand after Chelsea training

Aging 34, the defender’s time on the pitch nears its end. However, Bertrand does not seem to consider quitting as an option. As he will not be ending his career on Leicester City’s low note.

With his entire career within England, the 34 year old may favour the Middle East or Europe instead, as this may be his last chance.

Bertrand’s last two years were not only a disappointing stain on the defender’s career, but were also a period of inactivity and stagnation. Thus the road ahead may prove to be quite the challenge. Despite this, the player’s current training will certainly alleviate most of the difficulties ahead,

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