Saka vs. Ødegaard: Penalty Dilemma Deepens After Crystal Palace Win


Arsenal’s recent 1-0 victory against Crystal Palace saw tensions flare as captain Martin Ødegaard expressed his frustration towards teammate Bukayo Saka during the first half of the game.

Both teams, known for their defensive resilience, struggled to create scoring opportunities. Arsenal’s Eddie Nketiah came close to breaking the deadlock, but his shot sailed over the crossbar. The game proceeded at a slower pace than anticipated, with both sides attempting to catch each other off guard.

Defensive Misstep Sparks Ødegaard’s Ire

However, tension flared when Jordan Ayew managed to evade Arsenal’s defenders as halftime approached. Journalist James Benge reflected on the moment in a Twitter/X post, stating,

“Odegaard absolutely bawling [Bukayo] Saka out there, wants him to come up and take the Ayew assignment. Saka thought he was supposed to cover Mitchell. A suitable end to a largely disjointed first half.”

Ødegaard and Saka Rally in the Second Half

The second half presented a different story for Arsenal as they seized the lead through a clever move by Eddie Nketiah. Arsenal was setting up for a free-kick in a dangerous position when Nketiah made a sharp run, ultimately earning a penalty for his team.

What caught many by surprise was Ødegaard’s decision to step up as the penalty taker instead of Saka. However, the outcome was a moment of joy for Arsenal fans as Ødegaard calmly slotted the ball past the goalkeeper, securing a crucial victory.

Saka’s significance to the team had been emphasized by Gary Neville in the lead-up to the match, and it was clear that Ødegaard’s contribution was equally vital. The goal not only showcased Ødegaard’s technical prowess but also highlighted his potential influence on Arsenal’s success in the upcoming season.

The Penalty Taker Conundrum

The penalty drama didn’t end with Ødegaard’s successful conversion. It raised further questions about Arsenal’s designated penalty taker for the 2023/24 season.

Ødegaard shed light on the surprise shift, explaining,

“We have been taking in pre-season a lot, and I’ve scored all of mine, so I just asked him [Saka], and he gave it to me, so I have to thank him for that one.”

Saka’s previous struggles from the spot, including a miss against West Ham United, indicate that Arsenal’s penalty hierarchy might be in flux. Manager Mikel Arteta admitted his uncertainty about the situation, emphasizing the importance of players’ leadership on the field.

Arteta stated,

“It’s about leadership of players, and if they felt it was the right thing to do, for me I’m fine.”

Apart from the prominent contenders, Ødegaard and Saka. The team boasts players like Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli, and others who have taken on penalty duties. Experienced penalty specialist Jorginho is available as a backup option, and Leandro Trossard also has experience in this role.

The dynamics of penalty-taking within Arsenal’s squad reflect a blend of skill, confidence, and situational decision-making.

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