Saudi Media make a bid to potentially take over at Chelsea

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Despite recent sanctions posed on Roman Abramovich by the UK Government, the club can still be sold. But the take-over talks have to be under the supervision of the UK Government. Reports coming out of Stamford Bridge suggest that Saudi Media have made a bid to potentially take over at Chelsea.

Mohamed Alkhereiji is reported to be the man behind the bid. Reports suggest that Alkhereiji and his kids are believed to be Chelsea fans. While the Goal have reported that the potential new owners have already set out plans if their bid is accepted and the take over goes through.

New contracts for star players Cesar Azpilicueta and Antonio Rudiger are said to be very high on the agenda list. While redevelopment of their home ground Stamford Bridge stadium is also on the cards. On top of that, the potential new owners are also keen on investment into the academy and women’s side.

But the Saudi Media have not included their country’s own ‘government’ in their bid to take over the club. As things stand the UK Government has identified two potential serious contenders to buy the club from Roman Abramovich.

While Thomas Tuchel’s side have continued to grind our results on the pitch. The blues beat Newcastle United 1-0 in the Premier League on Sunday.

Thomas Tuchel’s judgment on the current Chelsea situation and the 1-0 win over Newcastle United

Talking during his post-match interview about Chelsea’s win and the atmosphere, he said:

“Not more than in the last game. I had the feeling that it is our responsibility because we can’t influence the situation. We are not responsible for the situation so, at some point, it’s our responsibility because we are in the spotlight and have these games, to focus on what we do well,”

“It’s a responsibility to our talent but also to every employee of Chelsea. There are a lot of people that I see on a daily basis who are worried and who work for decades. They are not so famous but they are worried for a pretty close future, wonder if things will be alright.

“So for them, it’s important to have the attitude right and also to focus on that and see the responsibility and what this means to these people. Even if it’s just for 90 minutes.

“When we played football during corona we knew we couldn’t cure the virus. But we tried to give some hope so people could feel joy, excitement, maybe even anger and entertainment. This is what we try to do now. The matter is very serious.

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