Scott Styris marks Babar’s wicket as a tough one

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Ahead of the of the 2022, New Zealand’s former cricketer Scott Styris praised Pakistan’s skipper main batting pillar Babar Azam. Styris is sure enough that getting Azam’s wicket will be tough.

While speaking to the SPORTS18’s daily sports news show ‘Sports Over The Top’, Styris was analysing the probable ways of attacking the right handed batter.

Styris said,

“I’m not so sure. I think what you would say is if India could win, any team could say I’ll give you 16 Babar Azams, and then you’re out. They would take it every day of the week. He is that good. He is the number one man going around. Look there’s usually what you look to do is to give him a single and get him off strike and bowl the guy at the other end. And I think that’s not something new. That’s been around for a decade or two, or three decades. So that sort of strategy to Babar Azam, I think he’s used to it, and I’m not sure that will work.”

Styris further added,

“I think you’ve almost got to be brave. Be a little bit risky and try that magic delivery that you might be a little afraid to bowl because if you get it wrong, it can go out of the park because it’s going to take a special delivery to get somebody like him out in the form that he’s in. He’s that good player at the moment and that’s perhaps the strategy. As it is, I think I’d probably need a few more hours of studying film to work out any genuine weaknesses that he has, but as it is just you’ve got to be aggressive and go after it.”

Shaheen’s absence to ease India’s way towards victory: Scott Styris

Babar Azam stacked 588 runs in the ODIs in 2022, at an average of 84.00. He bagged three centuries and four half centuries in the eight ODIs he’s played this year.

However, Pakistan suffered a huge blow. Their left arm seamer got ruled out due to injury. This bloke has been a real threat to the top order of almost every team. Henceforth according to Styris, absence of Afridi will ease India’s path towards the trophy.

Styris told in the Sports 18 show,

“Every top order should be high-fiving themselves because he has every possible attribute that you could want in a fast bowler. He has height, he has the pace, he gets the bounce, he has that ability to swing the ball, and he has the variation of being a left-armer as well. So, everything you would want from a fast bowler, he has it. So, I’m with you. I think that every top order in this competition, not just the Indian top order who are susceptible to the ball coming back, I think that they will be delighted that he isn’t there and it gives them a greater chance of winning the tournament.”

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