Shay Given Reveals City Star’s Two Clashes with Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola

Shay Given, the former Manchester City goalkeeper, suggests that Kevin de Bruyne’s disagreements with Pep Guardiola have actually benefited him this season.

De Bruyne, as expected, has had a remarkable campaign for City. The 31-year-old midfielder has been instrumental. Scoring 10 goals and delivering 28 assists across all competitions. He has formed a formidable attacking duo with Erling Haaland. Wreaking havoc on opposing defenses.

De Bruyne’s unique talent to seize control of matches and conjure opportunities out of thin air. This has played a pivotal role in securing City’s third consecutive Premier League title.

Despite being on the verge of a potential treble in the league. Champions League, and FA Cup, Kevin De Bruyne’s demeanor throughout the season has been somewhat intriguing.

A recent viral video captured De Bruyne telling manager Pep Guardiola to “shut up” during Manchester City’s victory over Real Madrid. Highlighting one of the instances where the star midfielder has expressed his frustration on the field.

Guardiola himself acknowledged that De Bruyne frequently raises his voice at him during training. Implying that tension is a regular part of their working relationship.

Shay Given and De Bruyne

During an appearance on the Premier League’s Kelly & Wrighty show. Former Manchester City goalkeeper Shay Given shared his belief that Kevin De Bruyne performs at his best when he is fueled by a bit of intensity.

Given revealed that De Bruyne has had a couple of disagreements with manager Pep Guardiola throughout the season. Recalling a specific incident. Given mentioned being present at the Madrid game where De Bruyne and Guardiola had a heated exchange right in front of him. Indicating a moment of conflict between the two.

Shay Given expressed his perspective that Kevin De Bruyne is the type of player who thrives when he is given a motivational push. According to Given, De Bruyne occasionally requires strong management techniques to bring out his best performance. While some players respond well to gentle encouragement. De Bruyne seems to benefit from a more assertive approach. Given further noted that De Bruyne’s fiery nature sometimes leads to him engaging in arguments. But if these exchanges are what it takes to keep him operating at the highest level, Guardiola is unlikely to mind the spirited response from his star player.

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