‘Should not worry about leaking runs’: Ishant Sharma to Umran Malik

Nehra Umran Malik

The upcoming star fast bowler Umran Malik gets advice from the former Indian fast bowler. Dinesh Karthik also has his words to say to Umran Malik. The fast bowler is tracked faster to the Indian team after bowling well in the domestic. He trains under the great fast bowler Dale Steyn in the IPL period.

Words for Umran Malik from experts

Ishant Sharma said that

 ” He shouldn’t worry about where the deliveries land. With experience, he will understand. So if he can bowl at 150 or 160, he should concentrate only on that. Umran Malik should just back himself and should not worry about leaking runs. What is the use of bowling that fast if the batters don’t end up closing their eyes in fear? So, someone should tell him and give him the confidence that you have to bowl so fast that batters fail to see it,”

Dinesh Karthik on Umran’s role in World Cup

“Umran Malik was the find of the last IPL when it comes to fast bowling for sure. What he brought to the table was extreme pace which India have never had. What I really liked about him is that he has really worked on his consistency in length because when you bowl that fast it becomes really difficult to be consistent with length,”

He further added that

“He has also been someone who has bowled through the middle of the innings a lot more. The more he bowls in the powerplay and the death, it increases his chance of being in the 2023 World Cup team. And I think he has done that in the T20s. The key is how he is going to handled. The captain is going to be very very important for him. He is raw compared to other bowlers and doesn’t have that knowledge compared to other bowlers so the captain will play a huge role on how he is managed,” 

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