Stan Collymore calls for stripping out all Chelsea trophies won under Abramovich

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Chelsea have won all the trophies with Roman Abramovich as their owner. However, Stan Collymore, a football pundit, calls out for stripping out all the trophies Chelsea have won under Abramovich. The UK Government sanctioned the Russian billionaire and made a decision to freeze his assets. This decision was taken because of Abramovich’s connection with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin announced the incision of Ukraine which led to many people questioning Abramovich’s position at the club. The UK Government has acted upon this situation by sanctioning Chelsea’s owner. However, that was not enough for former England striker, Stan Collymore. He believes that the trophies should also be stripped off as they are won with the help of Abramovich’s money.

If that move takes place, nor the club, neither the fans will be happy with that decision. The whole footballing world might oppose that decision as it does not look exactly sensible. Collymore compares football with Olympics with football where he said,

“Medals are stripped for doping, so will trophies? If someone doped in an Olympics 30 yrs ago they’d still be stripped of the medal now.”

He had also mentioned that Juventus have got their titles stripped because of match-fixing. That could be a very controversial take on this situation. However, there will be people who support the same view which could lead to some discussion in the FA.

Why Chelsea must not stripped of their trophies won under Abramovich?

It is true that Roman Abramovich has been the main cause of Chelsea’s success in the last 19 years. His decision taken for the clubs’ best interests and the investment he has done in the club is second to none. However, that does not imply that Chelsea as a club have not worked to achieve success and relies on the money made by Roman Abramovich.

All the hard work that the managers and players have done for the club would be lost if the trophies are taken away. The trophies are not named after Roman Abramovich but are named after the club and the players and managers. Although the Russian billionaire has helped Chelsea get the players, it is the players whose hard work has paid off in the last 19 years.

Stripping off the trophies also includes stripping off two Champions League trophies. It is easy to think about stripping off trophies of another club. However, it is hard to even think about when that happens to the club we support. Moreover, stripping off trophies has not happened in the footballing world for a long time. This could cause a very chaotic reaction from the fans which can be harmful in some cases.

Juventus were the last club to suffer the consequences of such action. If such kind of action took place now, it would cause a haywire reaction from the fans. Moreover, it would also be a punishment to all the players and managers who have been at the club. They would suffer the consequences even though they did not have any hand in the uncomforting situation in the world right now.

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