Step Inside Virat Kohli New Restaurant in Kishore Kumar’s Old Bungalow ‘Gouri Kunj’

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Virat Kohli is the former captain of team India. He is a great personality and youth icon. He is on the list top 10 highest-paying sports person. Kohli has immense fans following. He is endorsed in many advertisements and brand ambassador of some brands too.

Virat Kohli presence in a restaurtant in Gouri Kunj

Virat Kohli has also succeeded as a businessman in recent years. He is the owner of restro-bar chain One8 Commune. In Juhu, Mumbai he opened his new outlet. He even converted the bungalow of Kishor Kumar into a restaurant. Along with Manish Paul, he gave an interview. In a youtube video, a glimpse of his new look restaurant was shown to the public. In that interview, he showed the restaurant and discussed many food cuisines and food stories too. Kohli meanwhile expressed his interest in music. He mentioned that he is a great fan of legendary singer Kishore Kumar and his bungalow gave a new aesthetic look to his chain of restro-bar.

Kohli Statement:

His songs have really touched me personally. The one person I would have liked to meet if they were alive, I would always say Kishore Da because he was just charismatic.”

He has branches in New Delhi and Pune too.

Kohli’s current form

Virat Kohli seems to have lost his roar back. Since Asia Cup 2022, he has been seen to perform better than in previous years. He even scored his 71st international hundred. He already put forward a new benchmark for the upcoming new players. Virat Kohli is now going to participate in the t20 World Cup 2022.

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