Stephen Fleming makes a massive statement about Rohit Sharma

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Former New Zealand captain and Chennai Super Kings coach Stephen Fleming said that Indian Captain Rohit Sharma was frustrated in the semifinals. The Kiwi batsmen said that Rohit Sharma could not get his timing right. Rohit was frustrated as the dot balls kept on piling. Speaking for ESPNCricinfo Fleming made this statement. 

Fleming’s Statement

“You can see some frustration. You could see he was visibly frustrated and couldn’t get his flow on. Even the shot he got out to, you know he’s looking to do it, you know he can feel that he’s behind and wanting to get underway. It’s just the method and being out of their comfort zone. We’ve seen them in full flow, they are just awesome. But to get them in full flow is taking some time,”

said the Kiwi. 

“They’re not being able to bounce off each other. They’re all sort of around the same level without anyone bubbling away in outstanding form. Often, that can be the key, the one who can hide behind and is the catalyst to get the others going. They’re all simmering around the same level, especially in the 6-10 overs,”

Fleming said.

“There have been many teams that have been left behind a little bit because of being conservative and looking to play a percentage game whereas the game is moving fast,”

Fleming concluded.

Fleming urged the Indian batters to play freely and fearlessly. He said that the batters get fazed by the occasion. They are not able to express themselves which eventually leads to their downfall. 

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