Super-agent Jon Smith is confused why Arsenal acquired Kai Havertz

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Arsenal made significant additions into their squad this season, including the young striker Kai Havertz, a decision which some found a little confusing.

The Gunners acquired the 24-year old in this summer window, from none other than the currently underperforming rival club Chelsea. Despite his poor performances, Havertz has got both, the time and right conditions to grow his talent and abilities.

Back in his Chelsea days, the German preformed well under Thomas Tuchel. However since Tuchel’s departure, Havertz’s performance had been quite poor. Indeed, the club opted to sell the player as he did not contribute much overall, similar to some of the recent cases.

Now, even as an Arsenal player, Kai’s circumstances did not change much. He performances have still been quite average. Despite this, the German has been seen playing in all of the current season’s Premier League games, despite his questionable performance.

Jon Smith’s comment on Kai Havertz as an Arsenal purchase

Jon Smith, Diego Maradona’s former agent, viewed the addition as a ‘mistake‘, through a more financial lens, which is understandable.

“I watched the Arsenal game and I think their buys have been fantastic – although I’m not sure why they bought Kai Havertz. It’s only a personal view but why would you pay £65m for an off the bench player? That’s just my opinion.”, stated the super agent in his CaughtOffside series.

The Gunners not only paid £65 million as the transfer fee, but are also paying him a high weekly salary of £280,000. The expenses seem unjustifiable considering the player’s performance, as he has only scored 19 goals during 95 Premier League appearances.

Despite the questions asked, Arsenal and Arteta know about Havertz’s potential. He will still have a lot of chance to prove his worth to the team before Arsenal decide to take any drastic measures.

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