Super League is set to make its return

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Super League statement:

An official statement has been released by the remaining Super League clubs Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus.  Real Madrid declared that it and fellow Super-League holdouts FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin “welcomed” a decision of the Commercial Court of Madrid that ordered UEFA to lift all the sanctions the soccer body had imposed on the clubs for their role in founding and pursuing the breakaway “European Super League.”

In particular, the court ruled that UEFA cannot force the participants to dissolve the Super League and cannot impose a €100 million fine on the clubs that attempted to join it. The English Premier League and Serie A would also have to drop any sanctions against their own respective clubs.

There are a few sources with are close to the Super League project. They are working on a way to make this league a fully functional competition. The English clubs that could be included are Leicester, Leeds, West Ham, and Wolves.

Meanwhile, the League did get a lot of hate initially. But there are people claiming that this could turn into something better and big. The people backing the formation of this league are saying that this project is far from dead.

Sources close to ECJ are claiming to get the desired outcome. The ‘Big Six’ agreed to make a combined goodwill payment of just over £22million to support grassroots and community projects. Meanwhile, if any club attempts to make such a move they would face 30 points deduction and will have to pay £25million fine.

Final Verdict:

Meanwhile, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, and AC Milan had to pay a £7m fine and five percent of their prize money.

According to Sky Sports, a court in Spain has ruled those penalties. While ongoing disciplinary proceedings against Barca, Juve, and Madrid – who have always stuck by the project – must also be terminated.

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